Covid-19 Fund

Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund

As Covid-19 continues to cause havoc around the world everyone is feeling the impact of it. We’ve looked at the education system and asked ourselves what we can do to help.

Parents have lost income, which means school fees cannot be paid when school fees are not paid students cannot attend school. This also affects teachers as there are many schools dependant on school fees to pay teacher and staff salaries. When students stop paying… schools stop paying and the knock-on effect continues.

The ERFund has therefore decided as a once-off emergency measure to raise funds to help schools in need with a ONCE off donation. The idea is to help parents who are generally in good standing with their school fees, who have been directly affected by our national state of disaster measures, to get back on their feet. By providing a once-off donation for these parents, the students can remain in school, the parents have time to recover and schools can pay their staff.

All monies collected during May 2020 will go towards our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

With your help, we can make a difference.

Donate to our Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

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FNB Acc nr: 62790139804.
Branch code: 250655
Reference: CovidResponse
Physical address: `FNB Headoffice, Bank city, Johannesburg, Guateng, 2000, RSA

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